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Midnight Gas- Unreal Engine Lighting Study

Having most of my experience in Unity, I wanted to explore Unreal Engine to get a feel for both engines as research for a larger personal project I am working on. I also have found myself becoming more and more interested with 3D environment art, level design, and lighting, and wanted to grow my skills in this area, so I decided to create this small scene in my spare time.

The scene is based on a render by Davide Curci, mostly using Atmospheric Gas Station asset, with cars and human from Polygon City Pack, and rain sound.

I enjoyed making another rainy, foggy, reflection heavy scene. As there is no movement in my scene, all of the lights are either static or stationary, and baked into the lightmap to get a better final look.

I was surprised with how much “smoother” Unreal feels compared to Unity- having features like volumetric fog and the material shader graph built into the engine. It feels much quicker and easier to make scenes look good, compared to Unity.

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