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The Railroad- Unity Project Write Up Neon Challenge Short Film


This is a copy of a post I originally made on Unity Connect, but as it is shutting down as of February 2021, I have reposted here.

My name is Elliott Ayling, and I’m a software engineer by trade. Feeling inspired by the Neon challenge and its submissions, as well as sci-fi and cyberpunk in general, I thought I’d give some environment design a go. Having no real experience on the art side of things, I relied entirely on the asset store for all my models, materials, and various other bits and bobs (full list below). I wanted to be as creative as possible within the confines of the models I could find on the asset store, without having to worry about scripting or code. Knowing the final product was going to be a recorded video, I also didn’t worry too much about optimisation outside of getting my bake times down. I’ve used Unity in the past for various coding projects, but they’ve never had a focus on the art, so this really was a great learning opportunity for me. Enough so that I restarted 3 times as I felt I could do it again, but better, with all the new knowledge I had gained. I had a lot of fun making this in my spare time, and already have lots of ideas for future projects I would like to try. But I think the next one will be on a smaller scale. I definitely learnt a lot about the art side of production, especially when it comes to lighting.