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The Railroad- Unity Environment for the Neon Challenge


Feeling inspired by the Neon challenge and its submissions, as well as sci-fi and cyberpunk in general, I thought I’d give some environment design a go. Having no real experience on the art side of things, I relied entirely on the asset store for all my models, materials, and various other bits and bobs. I created this scene in my spare time over around a month.

Full write up here with in progress screenshots: The Railroad- Unity – Elliott Ayling

Exploration of geo-hazard terrain data in VR


Working with the University of Portsmouth’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, I created a prototype for the 3DTeLC project- a three year Erasmus+ funded project for visualisation of geo-hazard data, meant for use within classrooms. The project consisted of converting large digital terrain data, into a usable and textured environment within the Unity game engine. This landscape could then be explored within VR.

The project involved considering VR related problems, such as scale, resolution, and the user experience.

NSC Wargame


This was a project I created within a team for NSC (Newman & Spurr Consultancy)- a military training, simulation, and consultancy company. The game is a turned based strategy game featuring a variety of units, in a procedurally generated map, played over a number of rounds, against human players, or an AI. I was responsible for most of the gameplay development (attacking, movement, supply and buff systems etc), balancing, UI design, and bug fixes. I was also solely responsible for the in game sound and music, and also the visual effects.

AI Companion Game


For a final year project whilst at university, I built a game within Unity 3D game engine to showcase the use of behaviour trees. The game features a dynamically created pathfinding grid with terrain movement costs, with AI using the A* algorithm, as well as full behaviour trees for a variety of AI types.

ReportProgramming AI for Games Report.

Source: Github.