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Cosmological Simulation Data Visualiser for Windows using Cinder


This project is coded in C++ and ports the open source high performance volume rendering tool Splotch, designed for Unix based high performance computing (HPC) environments, onto a Windows desktop environment using the Cinder C++ library. This was for the purposes of the University of Portsmouth’s Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (ICG) Entropy project. The software is designed to offer an easy to use tool to interact with 3D visualizations of cosmological datasets on an accessible platform, and is the first of its type within Cinder.

The main challenge for this project was evaluating and interpreting established open source code and concluding the most suitable way to adapt it for the Windows platform.

This project formed part of my University dissertation which can be found here.

Platform: Windows.

Source Code: GitHub.

Comparison of a HPC Splotch produced visualisation (left), and the Windows Previewer (right).